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What you share. Where you share it.

FourSure® is the freedom to secure, control and monetize what you share.

FourSure® is not a new social network, subscription site or encrypted chat app. Nobody needs another one of those.  Instead, it’s a powerful remote control for the content you already share, where you already share it.  

Whether messaging privately with family and friends at home, school or work, or posting publicly with fans and followers on social media, FourSure® lets you secure, control and monetize the content you already share there with just a few taps.

FourSure® shifts the power from the cloud back to the crowd. You decide who gets to see what you share, when, where, how, and for how much. After all, it’s your content.

Take control.

It’s a remote control for your content.

To get started, download the app and register with your email address. Choose an avatar, enable some settings and then create a new share, the container for your content. 

Next, simply select something on your phone, like photos, videos, music or files or long-press to type. Secure it with geofences, timers, biometrics and encryption. Control it by setting real-time permissions, download prevention and more. You can also monetize it by enabling in-app purchases. 

Finally, share it where you already do over channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, email, chat and messaging. These platforms never get a copy of what you share. You can map and manage access, modify security settings, block users and cash out your monetization, all within the app.

FourSure® 2.0 released all new features like  five minute videos and multi-file shares and playlists for photos, music, docs and files. We’ve also introduced multi-pricing for in-app share monetization, a new content player, titles, captions, and author playlists.  There are more security, control and privacy tools, as well as a new interface for easier navigation.

Freedom of speech is just one of our many rights. FourSure® gives you the power to protect and exercise it online with privacy, independence and control. Don’t get hacked or cancelled, get control with FourSure®.

Download the all new FourSure®           for iOS and Android.

              ABOUT US

FourSure Inc. is the content remote control company. We develop awesome social mobile technologies for iOS and Android that put the power over the cloud back into the hands of the crowd.


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