The privacy platform.

It’s a remote control for your content.

FourSure® is not another cloud storage platform, social portal, or encrypted chat app. It's a simple yet powerful remote designed to secure and control the files, photos, videos  and content you share over email, messaging, and chat. Verify users, control access and prevent AI from coming in between.

With FourSure®, you can easily secure, encrypt, authenticate, and control access to your shared files, photos and videos using intelligent geofences, timers, biometrics, and more. You can prevent remote downloads, screenshots, and copies. In addition, you can audit access, change rules, or remotely delete in real-time from your mobile device.

FourSure® lets you decide who has to access to the files and things you share with friends family,  employees and customers, as well as when, where, and how they can access them.

Secure, protect and control what you send over email, text and messaging. When you share, be sure. FourSure®.

53%  of companies had sensitive information sent to the wrong person by email or messaging.

Varonis 2022

21%  of companies had corporate documents stolen by an employee.

Varonis 2022

$3.86m  was the average cost of a data breach, even higher for  the health and financial industries.

Ponemon 2022

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FourSure Inc. is the content remote control company. We develop mobile and desktop security technologies for iOS, Android, Mac & Windows that put the power to control the cloud in the hands of the crowd.

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