How to delete your account

You can delete your account and data from within the FourSure® app.

With FourSure® it is easy to delete your account, data and files with one tap and an OOB confirmation. All account data, files, access and metadata will be deleted. To resume using FourSure®, you would need to reinstall the app and register again with a brand new account.  To fully delete your account and data, follow these steps within the app:

1] Go to your Account tab in the app.

Open the FourSure® app and tap on the Account tab to enter your account.

2] Tap on Cancel to delete your account.

Scroll to the bottom of the Account page and tap “Cancel” to begin deleting your account. This will send an OOB (out-of-band) PIN to the registered account email.

3] Enter the OOB PIN sent to account email to confirm account deletion.

Check your email (including SPAM folders) for the cancellation PIN. Upon receipt, enter the PIN to confirm and complete cancellation and deletion of all account data, files and access.

4] To use FourSure® again, you must reinstall the app and register with a new account.

If you wish to re-use FourSure® in the future, simply reinstall the app and register again with a brand new email and account. None of your previous files or data will be available (they have been deleted). If you have any questions about this,  please contact us for assistance.


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